Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They said "I Do"

Last weekend was one I've been looking forward to for years. Ok months, but who's counting?

On Friday, Becky, Jill, and I made the 5 hour trek to McCook, Nebraska. Talk about the middle of nowhere. We had to plan lunch and gas stops, because we weren't sure if the villages we were passing through would have such establishments or not. With an average population of 347, each town we entered, we exited just as quickly. If you blinked, you missed them. Actually, I really did miss one town. I must have blinked. I could have sworn Atlanta, Nebraska didn't exist. But alas, it does. Population? 127.

I guess the drive wasn't much different than driving through Iowa. But a new adventure, for sure.

Once we got to McCook, we checked into the hotel. The Chief. Even though it took 20 minutes to get checked in, they were very nice. The lady at the counter and and her mullet greeted us with a twangy "Y'all must be here for the wedd'n". We even had rooms in the main building instead of the one out back. Jackpot!

After unpacking and a brief siesta, it was off to Wal-Mart to pick up a few forgotten items. And a little people watching. It was almost better than people-watching at an airport. Almost. They have an interesting fashion sense in McCook:  plaid flannel jacket, fleece Scooby Doo or striped pajama pants, and house slippers. All sitting atop a motorized cart.

Finally it was time for the rehearsal. We travelled 20 minutes through the rolling hills of southwest Nebraska, past the cows and abandoned high school, and eventually made it to the church.   The beautiful St Catherine's Catholic church which took up the entire western half of town. We practiced twice and perfected the places we'd be standing and the turns to face the alter, the crowd, the priest, and the bride. Once Father was confident that were competent enough to not mess up the actual mass, he let us go. Onto the reception hall--through the rolling hills, past the cows and the abandoned high school. After devouring 16 pizzas and 9 feet of Subway sandwich, we put up a little tulle and few lights, some lime green and teal daisies, and transformed the tin fair building into a beautiful reception hall. A place where we could celebrate an occasion such as this.

Once we were done decorating (or once Brett's sisters were tired of us attempting), we caravaned across town to Overtime. Everyone in the bar stared at us as we took over the place. After hours of Karaoke and Keno, it was bedtime. Thank you to Becky for getting us there safely.

Here are the boys serenading Kayla.

The next morning we all rolled into the Country Kitchen for the breakfast buffet looking completely dishevelled. It's a good thing Kayla planned this whole wedding thing for 5pm instead of 11am. But I must say -- everyone cleaned up very well.

Back at St Catherine's, Kayla looked absolutely gorgeous. Her white dress was perfect, her hair and makeup were done wonderfully, and she topped it all off with some very special jewelry. She wore her great-grandmother's diamonds, and in her bouquet was the locket that her grandfater had given to her grandmother in 1947, with his picture still in it. What a special day.

We took some very fun pictures in the church and all around town, and it was finally time for what we had all driven across the state to witness:  the wedding.  Despite the chilly March air, neither one of them got cold feet. They said their vows and exchanged the rings and officially became Mr. and Mrs. Brett Navin.

Back through the rolling hills, past the cows and abandoned high school -- and onto the reception. What a fun evening. Kayla's closest friends and family gathered for a joyful night of dinner, dancing, and celebration. Here is a tidbit of the fun.

Mike and I at the reception. Thank you to The Linds(e/a)y's for keeping him entertained all night. And for allowing him to eat 6 BBQ beef sandwiches without judging him.

Ryan, one of Brett's groomsman, giving us a little MJ.

                                                                                                              Congratulations Kayla and Brett!
And thank you for a very fun weekend!