Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nighthawks Game

Last Thursday was the Omaha Nighthawks' home opener. It was also the first game of the UFL season. Several friends and I got together to enjoy the game. It was a little chilly and sprinkled for the entire second half (and the Nighthawks lost), but it was an enjoyable game nonetheless. Football season has begun!

Because we know a certain somewhat who is in charge of ticket sales, we were lucky enough to get pregame sideline passes. We were on the field to watch both teams warm up prior to the game. I had never done anything like that before, so it was a great time!

We were standing just a few yards away from the UFL commissioner Michael Hughe and the opposing team's head coach, Marty Schottenheimer -- yes, the former NFL coach.


Here are a couple shots of the Nighthawks warming up on the field prior to the game. They're a lot bigger up close than they are from the stands!

This was the view from our seats. Not to shabby, huh? Thanks Mr. Ticket Man!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Sunday was Mike's birthday. Over the weekend we were in my hometown for a family get-together, so it was an improvised celebration. But it worked.

My mom had decorated his chair with a Happy Birthday banner and a balloon before he was up for the morning, so this is what he saw when he got to the kitchen.

She had made breakfast casserole (aka egg bake) for breakfast that morning. It was what he had told me he wanted for his birthday. So I may have cheated, but he got it anyway!

After the breakfast casserole and biscuits were devoured, my mom surprised us all with a little 'birtday cake' for Mike. And a candle that was pretty much a re-lighting 4th of July sparkler. It only took him about three tries to figure out he'd have to use water to put it out.

Here's a close-up of the birthday cake. It was a mini cherry cheesecake tart my mom had made for a bake sale. Definitely not a traditional birthday cake, but they were delicious little things!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Knitted Scarf

In my all-important planner, last week was reserved for a cross-country vacation. But due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unfortunately unable to do it. So instead, I had a week of stay-cation. Oh yes, vacation--in Omaha. So what's a girl to do? Among other things (sleeping in, cooking, running, spending time with friends), I learned to knit. Via You Tube (thanks to the suggestion of Connie!). I truly don't know how people learned to knit before You Tube. Well, I guess their grandma probably taught them. But she wasn't very accessible last week in Omaha. So second best was You Tube.

After learning the basics, I picked out a pattern. I chose a pattern that only had one stitch looked somewhat easy, and went with it. There are a few mistakes, but unless you know where they are you really can't tell. In a matter of days, Voila! I now have a gray wool cowl-neck infinity scarf made by yours truly. It's still a little warm to be wearing it, but I think it will get plenty of use this winter.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 Mile Torture

I'm a goals kind of a person. Every New Year's Eve I set goals instead of resolutions. Then, as the year goes on, I cross off my goals and set new ones. These goals are what get me going every day. They what help me stay on task. They're the reason I run.

I don't enjoy running. Trust me. With each mile, I'd rather be walking... I'd rather be riding my bike... I'd rather be sitting on the couch. But I have goals to achieve. My current goal: a 13.1-mile half marathon and an 86-mile relay race. Actually, I set these goals so that I will work out. If I don't have an end to work toward, I take the day off. And the next day. And the next. It's a vicious cycle for me.

So how's the training going? Successfully. Today I completed the longest run of the training program, a 12 mile run. Yes, twelve miles. The last few miles were rough, but we did it. I've been running with a good friend, Kayla (who by the way just had a baby girl a couple months ago). She keeps me going. Even on mile 9 when I want to quit.

So what's my message to you?
Set goals.
Have something to work toward.
Accomplish something.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In anticipation of this week's Omaha Nighthawks home opener, I have a recap of last week's scrimmage.

The scrimmage was open to the public and admission was free. It was a great night for the players and staff to get a feel of the field, and it was a great preview for the community of what is to come. We saw big touchdowns, big names, and autograph sessions -- all in the brand new downtown TD Ameritrade stadium.

A few friends and I enjoyed this year's first night of football, complete with dogs, candy and a few beers. It was a jeans-and-long sleeves kind of night--just what football weather should be.

I'm excited for this week's home opener, and I can only imagine it will be as much fun as last year - or more!

A view of the field.

The girls: Me, Tina, Kate, and Kelli.

The Joe's: Joe Joe and Joe Papa.
Clearly pumped about the football debut.

The suite Mike hooked us up with to watch the game.
We thought we could pool our money together and afford it for the season,
but apparently it's worth more than we all make in a  year.
Guess we'll start saving our pennies for 10 years down the road!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I realize I'm (way) late in sharing this, but just go with it. Pretend like I just got back

As you probably know (because you've been reading my posts), I was in Florida a couple several weeks ago visiting one of my girl friends from college. She's in graduate school in Ft. Myers, and I hadn't seen her for a while. So I took a long weekend off work and headed south.

We had a fabulous time reconnecting, getting outside, and drinking wine. We perused the local shopping centers, ate at delicious restaurants, soaked up the sun, and went on a mini-vacation to Siesta Key. I couldn't have asked for a better time!

Here are some of the snapshots we captured, and some of the memories we made.

The first night, we went to the Ritz Carlton's beachfront for a glass of wine and to watch the sunset. I could definitely get used to that.


This is Katlyn at a Scottish restaurant we went to one night. Check out the lime-green honeydew sangria. The waitress told us it wasn't artificially coloring, but pretty sure honeydew isn't that neon-looking.


One evening while on the 'mini-vacation' to Siesta Key, we went out for dinner, watched the sunset, had ice cream, then ventured over to the Daiquiri Deck. Calories don't count while on vacation, right?


The next day we went to Sarasota and met Mike's aunt, uncle, and cousins for dinner.

Then we went horseback riding... on the beach! We rode along the beach for a while, then we went into the gulf with the horses. We went horse surfing, horse skiing, and rode the horses while they swam. It defintiely was something we've never done before!

The trip was great fun, and it was wonderful to see Katlyn and Jason again.
And needless to say, Florida was beautiful and I wouldn't mind going back again soon!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This morning was spent with one of my co-workers and her five month old baby boy. After seeing the pictures of Kasey and Jakob I had done, she had asked me if I wanted to take some pictures of little William. Of course! 

I didn't really have a clue what a five month old was able to do or how one would act in front of a camera, but he was a little ham! He loved the camera and was nothing but giggles, drool-filled smiles, and face-crashing-army-crawls. Too fun!

We got some great photos, but Mama K hasn't seen them yet, so this is all you get. Isn't he adorable?!

Thanks for letting me come play... and practice!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Muddy Buddies

Last weekend a couple fabulous friends and I decided quite spur of the moment to do the Mud Run'11. I didn't really know what we were getting into until the drive there.

The run was a 3 1/2 mile off-road course with three mud pits, a giant slip-n-slide, obstacles to jump over, and creeks to cross.

But it wasn't a solo race. We did the "Worm Race", in which three team members are tethered together with a 16ft bungee cord. If one person falls, all three fall. If one goes over the obstacle, all three go under.

It was quite an adventure. We didn't win any awards and I don't have an 'after' picture, but you can see the 'before'. Oh yes, and there was a costume contest. Clearly.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Destination: Wedding

Not mine! But a wedding. At a particular destination.

In a few short weeks, we'll be attending the second-to-last wedding of the year. My task yesterday (while Mike was being responsible and working) was to book flights and a hotel for the wedding weekend. Where are we headed? NEW YORK!

One of Mike's good friends (we shall call him G--for Groom) from high school is getting married in West Point, NY to his very lovely lady, B (for Bride--get it?). I met these two when Mike and I traveled to New York two years ago (I think?) for G's graduation from the Military Academy in West Point. Since then, G has served a tour overseas, B has begun med school and planned a wedding, and they have together sustained an overseas relationship. I just can't imagine. What a wonderful couple.

Anyway, Mike put me on the task of making said reservations. After hours of searching I finally decided on acceptable (direct!) flights and a nice-but-affordable hotel. I don't think my credit card liked the whole process... but it's free til next month, right?!

So I sit. And wait. For October to come. I'm enjoying life in the meantime, but I'm super excited for this NY vaycay. Flying halfway across the country with the handsome Mikey, seeing New York sights, and attending a beautiful wedding. Sounds fun to me! Maybe we'll just miss our return flight....

Or maybe I just didn't book them!