Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ella {33 Weeks}

Wondering where we've been? Unless you're one of the dedicated few reads this weekly [hello, grandparents!], you probably didn't even realize we're a few days late. 

We had a very fun Memorial Day weekend, and we were too busy out-and-about to be inside blogging. Sorry-- not sorry!

Ella is learning to crawl faster, and of course she's learning to be naughty! She's finding cords and other things we didn't even realize were on her radar. We find something new to put away almost every day. She's pulling herself up on furniture, and now walking along things really well. This week she started standing, holding furniture with just one hand, and pulling herself up on flat surfaces like a wall. She also learned how to sit down from standing. She would get so mad and need help sitting back down, but after a few times falling, she figured out how to sit. It's a little clumsy right now, but she doesn't get mad about standing anymore. She gets more independent all the time!

Here are some pictures from the past week.
She still loves going for walks

Ella always has to be where the action is. She likes helping in the kitchen...

and stealing dish towels.

As she gets bigger, she gets bored of her toys - and she finds new ways to play with them

Boalsburg [a little town connected to State College] is the Home of Memorial Day, so they have a big celebration each year. Their big weekend kicked off with a parade on Saturday.

Ella loved all the action

During the parade, it stared pouring rain. This was shortly after it stopped and the sun came out. Ella stayed dry in her stroller, so she didn't mind!

The pools opened on Memorial Day, so of course we had to go! 

Ella really didn't know what to think, but she did great. I don't think it will be long until she loves it as much as bath time!

It was such a fun long weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ella {32 Weeks}

It's hard to count a kid's age in weeks when it hits the 30's. She's not 32 weeks, she's 7 months. [ok, she really is 32 weeks, but it just sounds silly to say.] I was bound and determined to do this through her first birthday, so I'm going to do it. But after that, they will probably become monthly updates plus any special adventures or milestones.


I've had a few questions of what Ella is up to these days, so here's a quick recap:
-she has two teeth on the bottom
-she's eating baby food, and so far likes everything except peas
-she's crawling
-she's pulling herself up on furniture to stand

We have decided that we have a little daredevil on our hands. Ella is trying to climb on everything. She seems to be pretty fearless; it's a miracle she hasn't had a any bruises! She bumps her head on everything, and she even earned her first fat lip this week. We try to protect her from big injuries, but she won't learn to beware of edges and ledges if she doesn't bonk once in a while... right? We're not letting her roll off a couch or anything, but we're letting her explore and learn.

The weather has been fantastic, so we've been taking a walk and playing outside at least once a day. 

Foods have been a fun development. As I said a few weeks ago, Ella has been eating more solids. She has tried several things now, and the only thing she doesn't like so far is peas. We tried a couple times, and she is not a fan! We'll keep trying, but so far she hates them. 

With eating solids at dinner time comes a full night's sleep--and no one is complaining about that! I hate to say it out loud and jinx it, but Ella has been sleeping through the night again for almost two weeks now. Everyone is in a better mood in the morning! She even falls asleep herself at night. We don't have to rock her to sleep; we put her down awake [but sleepy] and she soon is asleep. It's great! Nap time isn't even close to being there, but we're working on it.

Ever since learning to crawl last week, Ella is on the move! She is realizing that she can get where she wants to go, and she's getting much quicker about it. It's so fun to watch, but we're quickly learning what needs to be higher or put away altogether!

Here's to another week of fun. Sending hugs, wherever you are!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ella {31 Weeks}

We have had a fun week around here! As of Friday, we officially have a crawler! Ella started crawling a tiny bit on Friday, and each day since then she has gone even further. She gets so excited to go from place to place, and it's fun to watch her learn.

We've been enjoying the nice weather with walks and park trips.

And watching league baseball games

Saturday we went to a first birthday party, and Ella played with two new friends.

And of course we had to paint our toes so we can wear sandals during this warm weather!

Ella has also learned how to stand up in her crib. I have found her like this during several "nap" times this week. We had to lower her mattress... she is just getting big too quickly!

My first Mother's Day was fantastic -- I couldn't have asked for a better day! Ella and Mike sent me a bouquet of beautiful roses that are now blooming fantastically, we went to church and had brunch, then we [finally] explored the city and topped it all of with a great walk to the park. We had a great day. I am one lucky mama!

Monday, May 5, 2014

7 Months Old

It's not a joke, she really is seven months old. Closer to being a year old than to being born. It's nuts. Nuts, I tell you. But she's so much FUN!!

Mike asked me last night if I've been looking for jobs lately [i had been during the never-ending winter]. Not so much... we have too much fun every day! I can't go to work and leave this little girl for a whole 8 or 12 14 hours at a time. We have our parks scoped out and our pool passes ready. And you're asking about work?! [yes, i resumed the search today]

She doesn't have a doctor visit for two more months, but by my unofficial measurement she weights in at a healthy 19.2 pounds.

Now here are a few snapshots for your viewing pleasure.

Ella {30 Weeks}

It's been another fun week around here. We've been recovering from a week of traveling -- resting, laundry, and getting back on schedule. It always takes a few days. 

Lately Ella has been loving:  standing, jumping, rolling, and working on learning how to crawl. And of course talking every minute of the day. She still loves bath time as she always has, and she has a new fascination with the bathtub faucet. If we would let her and she was able, she would stand and play with it all through bath time. Whether it's on or off, she loves it.

She is still working on solid foods. So far she has had carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, and rice cereal. It takes her a little bit to get used to the new flavors, but she likes them all so far! Oh, and those two little chompers are getting bigger [and sharper] day by day!

Ready to watch the Kentucky Derby, fascinator and all!

She loves "helping" with the laundry

She finally got her cape turned around the right way. 
And she found her toy basket... then quickly figured out how to empty it out!

Standing at the ottoman

Now she's rocking on her hands and knees. She'll be crawling in no time!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Midwest is Best | Our Latest Trip to Hom[aha]

The main reason for taking a trip to Omaha was for a friend's wedding, but we also took some time to see other friends and family. It was a fantastic trip, though it was a quick one. Everyone was very excited to see us Ella, and we had a great time.

Mike, Ella & I ready for the wedding!

Congrats to the newlyweds, Lindsay and Matt!

Beautiful wedding cake!

My wine:water ratio just might have been 3:1

Dennis & Marie came to Omaha to babysit Ella while Mike and I went to the reception. 
I think everyone had a great time!

Wedding festivities wore her out!

Post-wedding snacks with Kate :)

While we were in town, Ella got to meet Auntie Molly!

We later had a BBQ with a bunch of friends, but apparently we were having too much fun to take a picture.

Lunch date with the Navin girls

Ella hanging out at our hotel

Riding a Blue Bike. No training wheels!

After a few days in Omaha, we took a quick trip to Corning and spent some time with family we hadn't seen since Christmas. 

at great grandma & grandpa's house


Ella with Grandpa Dave & Grandma Deb

Four generations! 

 Getting home was quite the adventure. My brother gave us a ride back to the Lincoln airport with the perfect amount of time until our flight. We made it through security, only to find out that our flight was delayed. Then it was delayed again. And again. It finally came to the point that we were going to miss our connection in Chicago, and that would be the last flight of the day into State College. Rats. 

So Ella and I hung out while Mike talked with the United ticketing agent to get a new plan to get home.

We ended up renting a car minivan and driving to Omaha to catch a flight to Detroit and then onto State College. Despite a slight delay in Detroit due to lightning, we finally made it home just before midnight. Whew!

We had such a fun trip; it was great to see so many fun friends and family. A big thank you to everyone who drove us, fed us, or met up with us. We can't wait to see you all again!