Monday, February 29, 2016

Caleb [2 months]

(i'll get a picture added soon! in the mean time, check out facebook and/or instagram for recent pics.)

Caleb's two month appointment was actually about two months + a week, but here are his stats:

Length: 22 inches (4th percentile)
Weight:  11 lbs 6 oz (15th percentile)
Head Circumference:  37.9cm (7th percentile)

So as you can see, he's climbing the charts! He has always been at or below the first percentile since he was so early, but the doctor had predicted he would catch up by two months. Guess she was right!

As far as development, it sounds like he is right where he should be. He's starting to get better neck/head control, follow your face and make eye contact, respond to sounds and activity, and he has even begun to smile intentionally. 

The next appointment will be at 4 months, and she expects that he will likely be able to roll over, sit support with a steady head, grasp a rattle, and laugh. So many fun things to look forward to!