Monday, September 22, 2014

Ella {50 Weeks}

As the weeks tick on, I just can't get over how close Ella is to being a year old! She has grown, changed, and learned so much in the last [nearly] twelve months. I keep looking forward to the twelve-month-old changes that we're told to expect, as well. Whole milk. Yogurt. Eggs. Peanut butter. Real food! Blankets. Stuffed animals. Reduced SIDS risk!

On the food front, Ella has been trying a few new things recently. She has been pretty reluctant to try new textures [as i'm sure i've mentioned before], but we're still pushing them. Her regular foods [sweet potatoes, squash, apples, etc] have been more coarse and she does great with that. We tried small chunks of soft pears last week, but that didn't go all that well. In the last few days we tried small chunks of banana, and she did great! She even had some bread and pancake and did really well. I think we're finally onto something!

Ella has been walking more each day, and she's getting better at it - and quicker!

She still loves her push-cart. I think it's safe to say it's a favorite toy. At least once a day, she does laps around the kitchen island. If she had anyone to race, she would definitely win!
[yes, that's mike's blockade to keep her in one part of the house. it worked for about two days.. then she figured out how to get through.]

We took a fun trip to Baltimore this week for Mike's birthday. It was a very quick trip because of work [hockey and football rule the fall], but we were able to see some friends, eat some Maryland crab, and go to an Orioles game!

Ella is still cutting two teeth. They're taking a while to come in, but they don't seem to be bothering her as much as the last one [at least not yet!].

We're having so much fun each day, and we're looking forward to having some family in town for her birthday! And of course we're looking forward to the party :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ella {49 Weeks}

Holy moley, how are we only three weeks away from having a birthday bash??? That's just crazy!

It's been a fun week around here, but pretty low-key. We took a few walks around the neighborhood, a few trips to the park, and one fun walk around campus and downtown with a friend and her tiny baby. It was fun to see some new sights with someone who knows the area!

We were finally able to go visit Mike at work and have lunch with him. His days are so busy right now and he's rarely available for lunch, so it was a special treat! Ella and Mike watched hockey practice after we ate.

Ella has been working cutting some teeth this week too, it seems. She has had two teeth on the bottom since about January, and she cut a third a few weeks ago. Now there are two more that look like they're just about to cut through, but nothing yet officially. She hasn't slept well for the past few days, and we think it's probably because her teeth are hurting. Maybe she'll have a couple more before her birthday!

She's getting much better at walking, and she can now make it all the way across the living room without falling! She still prefers crawling or walking with her push-cart because they're faster and more reliable, but she's making progress!

Have a great week -- Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ella {48 Weeks}

This was a big week for Ella.... She started walking! She had been taking one or two steps for the past week or so, but on Tuesday this week [the day after we got back from our Midwest trip] she started taking five to eight steps on her own! She's still really wobbly and can't go very fast, but sometimes she can take about a dozen steps without falling. She still favors crawling and using her push-cart since it's so much faster, but she's walking better every day. 

It's hard to believe, but Ella turned 11 months this week! Less than a month til we have a birthday party for this little girl!


On Friday morning, Ella and I got to play with her new friend Baby Anna. Our friends Keith and Kristi were busy, so they asked us to come watch Anna for a bit. She's barely a month old, and she's still so itty bitty! Ella wasn't really sure what to think, but she sure loved playing with her toys!

Saturday we went to the Penn State football game with our friend Carrie. Mike [and carrie's fiance, chris] had to work at the game, so it was a girls' trip. We got to sit in the press box, which was great because it was supposed to rain. It didn't though--it was a perfect day for football! Ella was so well behaved, we got many compliments from other people in the press box. She played really well in her seat, didn't screech, and even ate some ice cream! She finally fell asleep in the fourth quarter once she knew we were going to win.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ella {47 Weeks}

We just returned last night from another wonderful trip to the Midwest. It was a quick trip; we visited three states in four days, but we were able to pack in some fun with a lot of friends and family.

Ella did great on the flights again. They were her 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th flights! 
She's sporting her new set of  wings the flight attendant gave her.

While we were in Kansas City, we got to spend a little time with my good friend from college, Sasha. She has two kiddos, Jakob and Lauren. 

Ella just loved playing with Jakob! He was great at sharing his toys.

And of course Charlie wanted to play too!

While we were in Omaha, Penn State was playing in Ireland so it was being televised at 8am. Mike watched the game in the hotel lobby, and Ella joined him in her jammies!

Our friend from college, JoePapa, got married to Calli, which is what took us to Omaha. Such a beautiful wedding!

Tearing up the dance floor with Kate!

[i'll add a video of mike and ella tearing up the dance floor shortly!]

While we were in Omaha, we got to meet up with my good friend from work, Kayla, and her family. Ella was a little crabby at dinner that night, so the Navin girls entertained her for a while.

We went to Corning for a quick 24 hours for the annual Bickford Family Fish Fry! Such a fun tradition. We look forward to it every summer. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, but I did get one of my dad, Ella and I!