Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ella Turns ONE!

It's been a fun couple of weeks around here! We had some great company (thanks, grandmas & grandpa for coming to visit!), and one fun birthday party! We're just getting things back in order, so I'll finally get you a recap of Ella's birthday party...

[obviously] The table of yummy party food!

Yes, there was real food for the party. It was just in the fridge at this point. 
[no food poisoning here.]

Cupcakes with swirled frosting and sprinkles!

The smash cake... pre-smash.

Not really sure about this... it sure doesn't look like my usual lunch.
[we maybe had a candle mishap. if you didn't witness it, don't ask. if you did witness it, shhh.]

It took her a while to decide, but she loves the cake!

Opening presents. She loved ripping the wrapping paper.

Playing with a singing & dancing dog from Mike's Grandma & Grandpa Dee

Taking a ride on her elephant from Grandpa Dave & Grandma Deb. 
They really know how to pick out toys.. she loves this thing!

Taking her bubble-blowing mower for a test drive. Thanks, Keith & Kristi!

Basketball hoop.. totally not surprising that this was Mike's idea.
We have a ONE YEAR OLD!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Gabriella Marie! We love you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ella {51 Weeks}

Only one more week until our little Ella is one!

This week, Ella decided crawling is for the birds. About mid-week, she started walking more than crawling. She had previously crawled when she was tired, or after she fell she would just crawl to wherever she was going. But in the last few days, she has been walking nearly everywhere. She loses her balance and falls quite often, but she hops right back up and starts walking again. I have a feeling it won't be long and she'll be running!

We've been working on getting her to eat more real, solid foods rather than mashed or pureed baby foods. She's been eating a variety of soft fruits, cooked vegetables, and some bread and crackers. She seems to be enjoying it too; she is refusing to eat much baby food but gladly eats small chunks. I guess finger food is more fun! Yogurt is another new favorite food. When she sees the yogurt cup come out of the fridge, she knows what's coming!

One morning this week, we had a play date with two new friends. They each have a little boy about a year and a half old, so we got the three of them together to play. Even though she's just learning to do some of the things they're doing, she kept right up!

Despite trying to cut three teeth right now, Ella has been sleeping pretty well at night. But of course that means she only takes one nap during the day!

And now for some photos of the week...

we watched the psu homecoming parade with some friends, and ella loved watching everyone go by!

showing off her walking skills during the parade, with a little break by the bench

playing at the park!

enjoying the beautiful fall weather and playing a little sunday football
[i used the photo filter by accident.. woops]