Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Million Words

I decided that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video of many pictures is worth at least a million. I'll let you confirm that, but I think you'll agree.

This video was so graciously and beautifully composed by one of the greatest and most dependable friends a girl couple could ask for. Kate, we cannot thank you enough. You are amazing.

Without further ado, here is the video that was shown at our wedding. It's so special to us, and we'll treasure it forever. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

I tried to get the video to post directly here, but I'm technologically inept. 
Click this link and it should get you there...

Click HERE to watch our wedding video

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wedding Cake Baker

Amid the many summer weddings that come from being a twenty-something, a friend of mine asked me to make small wedding cake for his nuptial celebration. It started as more of a joke, but it came to fruition early this fall. 

Per the groom's request, the cake was two-tiered red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Per the bride's request, it was round and covered with fondant and yellow flowers.

I had never made a cake of this caliber before, just cakes and cupcakes for birthdays and showers. But with the helping hands of a couple friends, the cake came together. It certainly isn't perfect, but it was delicious and great for my fondant debut. I got many compliments, and even some disbelief that it was my handiwork.  

Setting up the cake at the reception hall

The finished masterpiece!

Here's a video of the bride and groom cutting the cake with a sword--
 a long-standing tradition of the groom's family

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lucky Us: A Daily Reminder

One of my childhood girlfriends and I are lucky enough to get to celebrate our birthdays together year after year. We were born only three days apart, and we have been best friends since the third grade. So for nearly nineteen years, we have enjoyed a week-long birthday celebration. 

Last week, Rachael came to visit me at my new home in the tundra. She was going to be near the area, so she made the extra trek and we enjoyed a wonderful evening together. We had dinner and drinks, reminisced, and surely kept Mike entertained for the evening. We also exchanged birthday gifts. It was actually quite comical. Rachael got me a scarf with sparkly polka-dots on it. I just love scarves in the fall, and I really love sparkles this year. And then Rach opened her gift-- a scarf! It had neon polka dots, which she really loves this year. Too funny!  

And Rachael also gave me this. It's a wonderfully sentimental, yet useful gift. She made it herself, which makes it even more special. It's a keychain with a penny from the year I was born, one from the year Mike was born, and one from the year we were married. Thank you, Rachael, for the daily reminder of how lucky I am!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birthday Non-Bash

When I was younger, I never thought it would be true. I didn't believe there would be a time in my life when my birthday wasn't a super-exciting day that I looked forward to all year long. But the time has come. Everyone was right. 

Now don't get me wrong -- I still really love celebrating birthdays. Especially my birthday. But now that I've had a wedding in the last four weeks, a move in the last three weeks, and started a new job in the last week.. a birthday just isn't such a big look-forward-to-it kind of day. 

I suppose I should also say that Mike isn't a big birthday celebrator. But I'll change that... :)

Despite the anti-climactic nature of this year's celebration of my birth, it was still enjoyable. Mike surprised me with a watch that I had been wanting for months. I snuggled up in the warm blanket my mom had let me pick out before the move. I opened cards from my dad and my grandparents. And after work, Mike took me to the local Mexican restaurant... where you get free birthday dinner! He even splurged and bought me a margarita!

The low-key celebration was quite enjoyable. I turned another year older. [and another year wiser, I suppose?] And my knees didn't even creek the next morning. Twenty-seven sounds so much older than twenty-six, but I guess there isn't so much difference after all.

Me with my birthday dessert

 [Free] Fried iced cream Mike and I both thoroughly enjoyed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Football Fun

I'm still waiting for our wedding photographer to get photos to us, so while we wait I'll let you see what I've been up to lately....

This weekend, I was able to hang out with the few friends I have in town. Mike and I went to the University of Minnesota football game they played against Mike's all-time favorite team, the University of Michigan.  Of course, our friends from Minnesota are Gopher fans and Mike is a Wolverine fan, so it was a fun, friendly rivalry. There was taunting and trash-talking both ways, but in the end Mike's Wolverines were victorious.

Here are a few pictures documenting our fun!  (sorry they're a little pixelated... welcome to Android technology :) )

Mike and I with the Golden Gopher before the game

Mike and I after the victory