Tuesday, October 25, 2011

High School Reunion: Africa

After a nearly three-year absence, my high school friend Mary made a return visit to the United States. She has been in the Peace Corps for about 2 1/2 years. She has been in the African country of Zambia for the majority of her time there, taking frequent adventures (or misadventures) to different areas of the continent. Now she's working in a national park, and she's lucky enough to see African wildlife on a daily basis. She told me how she sees hippos, lions, and elephants in their natural habitat, and I sat in awe. In my daily Midwest adventures, my imagination just can't turn those cats into lions, those horses in zebras, and those deer into antelope. I just can't do it. But how amazing that she is! I look forward to having Mary back in this country to stay, but in the mean time I wish her the best on the rest of her Peace Corps adventure. If you're interested in hearing some of her stories, you can find her here.

Here Mary, Rachael, and I are celebrating Mary's birthday in our hometown.
So glad we could celebrate with her!
(check out that cowboy hat... welcome home!)

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