Friday, July 6, 2012

The Dress

With exactly THREE MONTHS until the big day, it was definitely time to get my wedding dress altered.  [Ok, so I had a good month before it needed to be done, but I'm aiming to have everything possible done an entire month early. I don't like stress.]

So with birthday-girl-slash-bridesmaid Kayla by my side, to the alterations department I went. I was really nervous that when I saw my dress again maybe I wouldn't like it, maybe I would feel like a fat cow, maybe it would look yellow or dirty, or maybe it just wasn't the style I liked anymore. I was getting a little anxious about it, but I bucked up and went for it. And with it being 104 degrees outside today, as I was tediously putting on my undergarments, I was sweating like an animal. It was actually kinda gross. [The alterations lady later informed me that that area of the building has no ventilation because it used to be the tire bay of an old Firestone car shop.] After the nice lady snapped up the gazillion hooks, I was ready to go. We got the huge gown out of the nice white fabric bag and voila' -- I LOVED the gown all over again. It was just perfect. 

So we continued with the pinning, turning; pinning and turning. When it came time to take it off, I just didn't want to! I guess that's a good sign :)

Oh, you want a sneak peak? Ok, here you are!

You didn't actually think I was going to show you the real deal, did you??

Mike wanted to know if his "white" tie would match my "ivory" dress. The lighting isn't great in the picture, but I'd say it worked out quite perfectly!

I can't WAIT for October 6th!!

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