Monday, January 27, 2014

Ella {16 Weeks}

We had another chilly but fun week around here. 

Earlier this week Ella was playing on her mat just like usual... kicking the keyboard, looking in the mirror, grabbing the dangly toys. Then several minutes later she had kicked off a sock, spun almost 180 degrees around and rolled onto her tummy! She still isn't doing it consistently, but now she has done it twice all by herself! 

And this weekend she went to her first home men's PSU hockey game. She had a great time, and [mostly] didn't freak out when the goal buzzer went off.

Other than that, we had a fun week playing...

 And sleeping! [she normally doesn't sleep with a blanket, except for an occasional chilly day nap. snuggling with her puppy blanket!]

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