Friday, March 27, 2015

Ella {17 Months}

So maybe it has been entirely too long since I last posted anything. If I'm going to write and remember anything about Ella's 17th month, I better get on it. Month 18 will be here before I know it!

Here goes...

Since I last posted about 16 Months, Ella has learned some fun things. She's really developing her personality and even getting a little sassy! At the very beginning of the month, she was saying "yeah!" to everything. Every question she was asked, that was her answer. And she really seems to understand what's a question rather than a statement - it's fun. But about two weeks later, she learned "no!". So that was a fun week. Rather than "yeah!", everything was "no!". And I mean everything! So she obviously wasn't understanding the meaning behind her saying yes and no, but she realized that it made us laugh so she kept it up with the empahatic yeahs and nos.

In true toddler fashion, she has been throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. Not all the time, but it's definitely not something she was doing a short time ago. Perhaps the Terrible Twos are starting already?? Yikes. When she wants something to eat, for example, we give her a few options. But if she doesn't like any of those options, she might throw a fit. She knows what she wants, and if she can't have it right then -- watch out!

Ella has always loved helping in the kitchen, and that hasn't changed. She wants to be right there helping, no matter what it is. If I'm using something sharp or hot, she obviously has to stay back. And she's not a fan of that. Occasionally she'll scream about that, too. Ahhh, the life of a toddler. It's so rough.

Just in the last few days (ok, so in the last few days before 17 Months), Ella has shown some interest in "the potty". We got her an Elmo seat that sits on top of the regular toilet seat, and she has sat on it occasionally. She obviously doesn't understand what going potty is, but at least she's not afraid of sitting on it. I've heard from a few different toddler moms that they wished they had paid more attention when their toddler was first showing signs of interest in potty training. That their toddler was interested about 18 months but they ignored it, then at 3 they're not potty trained an no longer have interest. Yes, I do understand that it's really early and she won't be potty trained any time soon, but if she's showing interest then I'll roll with it. I clearly have no idea what I'm doing in the realm of potty training, but I really don't want her in diapers until she's 3!

Ella's food preferences haven't changed much. She really hasn't tried many new things (hello winter and no seasonal produce), although she did try blackberries. She loves them nearly as much as blueberries, and strawberries have even gone to the wayside because she loves blackberries so much.

Unfortunately Ella had kind of a rough month in that she had two rounds of a cold. She first got it from the little boy at daycare (who had gotten it from a sick kid during his 3 year old well-visit to the doctor's office), then she gave it to Mike and I. Just as we were getting over it, she got another mini cold. It was a germ-filled month for us, but with a lot of Lysol and a lot of laundry, we got over it.

Poor Ella-girl when she wasn't feeling well.

Snuggling all her buddies to make her feel better.

Her friends got a bath a few times this month. Thankfully, they're all holding up well!

Finally feeling better, so running around Pegula Ice Arena while the snow continues to fall. Thanks for letting us come run laps, Daddy!

Grandpa Dave sent a sweet Valentine, including two heart-shaped suckers! This was the first day Ella wasn't feeling well, so she didn't want to eat anything. But the sucker sure was yummy!

The goofball helping in the kitchen one morning. Who needs pants to cook, anyway?!

Reading a book in her cozy chair. Yes, we're still recounting The Christmas Story in February.

After learning how to use crayons at daycare, pens are so much fun! Apparently we need some Crayola to happen at our house.

Ella has learned a new version of Peek-a-Boo. If she can't see you, surely you can't see her, right?!

Too cute not to post. Quite the dancer we have on our hands!

As you can see, it's been a fun month yet again. Ella is just growing and learning so quickly, it's amazing. She mimics everything, which is a riot. 

Until next time (which shouldn't be long)... Hugs to you!

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