Friday, July 29, 2011

A Happy Birthday Surprise!

Well, after a 4am wake up, 5 hours of travel, and plenty of turbulence, I have arrived... In Florida! With much collaboration and cooperation from her boyfriend Jason, I flew here to surprise my friend KT for her birthday. We successfully kept the secret for nearly 3 months. Jason left their house to "pick up lunch" but rather than returning with pitas from Pita Pit, he picked me up from the airport. I walked into the house and found KT in the office studying diligently for grad school tests. She looked up with a blank face, stunned. The shock was shortly followed by a few high-pitched shrieks, jumps, and hugs.

I'm so happy we were able to keep it a surprise, and I'm so happy to be here with KT. What a great weekend it will be... I'll have a full report when I return home.

Happy Friday, all!

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