Monday, December 2, 2013

Ella {8 Weeks}

I can't believe it's December already. Seriously, where does time go??

The past week has been another fun one with Ella. She's smiling even more, and she kicks around and interacts more than she has been. She's really loving her play mat that a good friend gave us -- it has a mirror that hangs over her and a keyboard that plays music when she kicks it. She just lights up every time she sees herself in the mirror, even if she's getting fussy before we put her on the mat. It's so fun. Definitely her favorite toy right now!

Something else she really loves right now is when she gets to flail around without clothes. When we're putting on pajamas, changing clothes, or getting ready for bath time, she gets so excited and kicks around big time. 

Sleeping has been better the last week or so. She's sleeping four to six hours at a time, and she's finally going to bed about 10pm. She wakes up during the night once or twice to eat, then she's back to sleep until around 8am. We still have some rough nights, but it's getting much better. 

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday. Mike had hockey games that weekend so we didn't get to go home, but we went over to our friends' house. They were gracious enough to invite us to their family's Thanksgiving feast, and it was great fun. Plus, I didn't have to cook a big feast and we didn't have two weeks' worth of leftovers! And Thanksgiving morning, we booked our flights home for Christmas!!! I didn't think we were going to be able to go home [seriously, tickets are crazy expensive this time of year], but Mike found reasonable tickets so we're headed home this month! We're very excited for Ella to meet the rest of the family, and I'm pretty sure they're excited to meet her.

Sending hugs from all of us!

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