Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ella {9 Weeks}

What a week we've had! Some fun changes around here...

Ella is finding her hands more each week. Now she's hitting the dangly toys on her play mat, and she grabs onto more things. She puts her hands in her mouth more often, but still not really sucking a thumb at this point. She puts her hands up when she eats, and she even "held" her bottle the other night!

She has also found her tongue. How funny is this?!

She is moving her legs so much more, and they're getting so strong! It won't be long til she's ready to try out a jump-jump. She just realized yesterday that if she kicks in the bath, water splashes around. It's only the beginning....

She's holding her head up and sitting in her Bumbo chair for short periods.

Since she was born, Ella has slept in a bassinet in our bedroom. This week we moved her to her crib in her own room. She has slept great -- much better than I have! Of course I have to go check on her every time I wake up. She doesn't seem to notice. She even slept for almost SEVEN hours one night this week. That's a new record!

As you can see, she's getting her daddy's height. Those pants are on a 3 month outfit. They're a little short.

And we're still getting more smiles!

You can definitely see both of us in her.

Her two-month checkup was this week, too. She got her first set of shots, which wasn't much fun. She was a tough cookie at first, but a few hours later the pain came back and we saw her first real tears.

Two-month stats
Weight:  12 lbs 14 oz (83%)
Length:  24 inches (97%)
Head Circumference:  38.9 cm (68%)

The doctor said everything looks great!

She's pretty fun! Growing and changing every day! Next week we should have some Christmas photos to share. Stay warm, wherever you are!

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