Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ella {22 Weeks}

How is this girl already five months old?!  I don't know, but she's tons of fun. She's getting to a point where she interacts with us, and she's always moving. She doesn't like to be lying down; she wants to be helped to sit or stand up [or even better, held] so she can look around and see what's going on. She still puts everything in her mouth, and she wants to be in on whatever it is we're doing.  Just like last week, she drops all of her toys. But now she likes to pick them up. She will repeatedly drop a toy and pick it up, drop a it and pick it up, drop it and pick it up. And the slobber. Oh man, the slobber....

When I run errands I usually put her entire car seat in the big part of the shopping cart, and she usually falls asleep. But in the past few weeks she has wanted out of her car seat halfway through a store, so I end up carrying her for a while. And man, she's getting heavy! So this week she sat in the cart like a big girl for the first time! She loved it, but now I understand the need for one of two things:  Clorox cart wipes or a cart cover. The cart handle was the most tempting chew toy ever

Another new thing Ella is enjoying is cups. She likes to help hold any cup we are drinking out of, and she likes to pretend she is drinking out of it herself. It might be time to find her one to play with that is more her size!

Now you'll have to excuse us... we're off to enjoy this spring-like weather!!

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