Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ella {24 Weeks}

It has been another fun week for Ella! We had a few more outings, saw more of Ella's personality, and picked up a visitor from the airport!

Ella isn't eating real food for another week or so, but she has taken a liking to a couple new things. When I'm eating an apple or carrots I'll give her a slice [a big piece so she won't choke.. don't go calling CPS on me]. She loves them! 

The Big Ten hockey tournament was in Minneapolis this week, and while Mike was gone the Hockey Wives Club got together with the littles to watch the game. Ella was exhausted from all the playing, so she took a nap. An hour nap. On their guest bed. It was perfect!

When we put her down for Tummy Time, she often rolls over to her back.. so this was the next best thing to keep her on her tummy for a bit.

First ever painted toes!

New shades for those sunny days!

Lovin' bathtime!

Apparently she can crawl backwards? She started on that burp cloth...

Happy girl after a nap in her swing!

Visiting Dad at work... and wearing her new kicks!

Quality family time at the Pegula Ice Arena to watch the Pennsylvania high school hockey championships.

We ended the week by picking up our visitor for the week, Rachael! 
We took Ella ice skating for the first time...

And she wasn't such a fan! [she'll learn to like it!]

Have a wonderful week, wherever you are! 
We're definitely looking forward to our next visitors!

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