Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ella {16 months}

This month hasn't been too crazy; we've gotten into a little routine. Mike has been busy with hockey and I have been working three to five days a week, so Ella has still been spending some time at daycare. She continues to love going there. In fact, most days she doesn't want to come home with me. As sad as it makes me at the time, I'm so glad she enjoys going. It makes it much easier to leave her there during the day, and I don't worry that she's having a rough day. She enjoys the daycare lady and her son, and she really loves their dog and their playroom. I feel very fortunate we found her for daycare.

As I said, Mike has been really busy with hockey. January was probably the busiest month, as far as home hockey games go. He has been busy every weekend. He is pretty exhausted, and we miss him! But Ella and I have been enjoying our quality times.. and of course going to games!

Ella at the basketball game (the Penn State - Michigan game, actually!). Mike had to be there to oversee an appearance for the hockey players, so Ella and I tagged along.

At the hockey game. She is getting much more used to [and tolerant of] the goal horn, and she really loves the second-intermission ice cream!

Because it has still been really cold and snowy, we have mostly been hanging around at home. Ella has become quite the little helper around the house. She has to be right beside you, no matter what you're doing. She especially enjoys helping in the kitchen!

Playing in the dryer. She's really good at unfolding clothes, too.

On one very rare Sunday that Mike didn't have any hockey events going on, we were able to enjoy a little night out. We went bowling with our friends Chris and Carrie, and Ella even got in on the bowling action! 

Ella used the ramp, so she was able to push the ball and watch it hit the pins. Once she figured out what was going on, she loved it. She actually thought it should be her turn every time!

Over the past several weeks, Ella has really become more vocal. The little boy at daycare is quite the chatterbox, so I think maybe Ella is picking that up a little. She jabbers and jabbers, but we really have no idea what she's saying. But in the past couple weeks, she has started saying more real words, too! She says up, down, on, off, snack, tickle tickle, shoe, boot, teeth, and bath. I'm sure there a few more too, but those are some that she's using pretty regularly. It's so fun! 

Ella is still eating most of the same things, though she has become more selective. She has figured out that there are options, and she'll let you know if she doesn't want something! Her favorite food is blueberries, by far. She would definitely eat an entire pint if I would let her! She has also come to like hot dogs. I don't really love that fact, but I suppose she's a kid so I'll just roll with it. She doesn't have them often, but she really enjoys them when she does. She is starting to eat more of our regular dinners, but she still has a hard time with meat. But she is getting four [yes--FOUR] molars right now, so hopefully soon she'll be able to chew more things soon. 

I think that's about it for this month. I'm amazed how much Ella is becoming a little girl rather than a baby. Week by week she grows up a little more!

Have a great February! Sending hugs to you, wherever you are.

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