Monday, February 14, 2011

And the greatest of these is LOVE.

You may or may not have noticed, but today is Valentine’s Day. It’s everywhere—candy, roses, chocolates. It’s an explosion of red and pink everywhere you go.

In honor of Valentine’s Day… heart-shaped cake pops! We had to have something fun while we were working all day. Tea time and cake pops with my work buddies? Absolutely!
And my Valentine's Day dinner after work?? Mac-n-cheese and hot dogs---and ice cream! Yum! (Thanks Mike!)

To top it all off, a great Valentine’s Day story…
At work we currently have a 20 year old girl that was diagnosed with Leukemia about a week ago. She has been on IV chemotherapy non-stop for the past week, and she’s starting to feel pretty lousy. Her boyfriend decided that even though she was stuck in the hospital connected to an IV pole and had to wear a mask anytime she left her room, that he would plan a surprise Valentine dinner for her. He told her he’d be at work for dinner and wouldn’t be there for the evening. She was bummed, but she understood. Meanwhile, he put a handwritten note on the Family Gathering Room “Reserved for my Valentine”. He moved around the furniture so the table and two chairs were in the middle of the room. He brought in heart-shaped plates and flameless candles. He put a couple pictures of the two of them and a present on the end table, which he had put by the dinner table and two chairs. He put streamers on the door and rose petals on the floor leading from her room to the family room. He was standing outside her room with a single rose, and had her mom take her for a walk to get her into the hallway. They followed the rose petals to the family room, and her mom took pictures outside of the streamered room – with her mask on and all. Her nurse delivered her dinner (yes, hospital food), and they ate it on the heart-shaped plates. He gave her a letter he had written and the gift he had brought. They sat in the family room for at least an hour, until she had to return to her room to get her new bag of chemotherapy.
On the oncology floor, we find any reason to celebrate.
Valentine’s Day definitely makes the cut.

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