Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swimmer's High

After talking with a friend and realizing that I haven't been keeping to my swimming portion of the triathlon training, I decided I just needed to get myself to the pool. It always seems like so much more work than running or biking, but it's never that bad when I get there.

About a week ago I ordered a one-piece-lap-swimming-swimsuit online. I just couldn't swim laps in my two-piece anymore. I was getting funny looks. The swimsuit cost literally like 1/5 of the retail price. If you're in the market for a new swimsuit, it's definitely worth your time to check out I also invested in a swimcap, since Kate told me I'd have to wear one for the race. I decided I just needed to get used to it. I had never worn one in my life, and I imagine it was quite a scene to see me put that thing on. I think I need to practice.

But once I had on the swimsuit, the swimcap, and my goggles... I was ready to go! I started off with my 3-lap max that I had been doing. Then I went for five. Next was 8, and then I upped it to 10. Ten laps in a row! Confesson: I had to stop after lap 4 to drain my right eye of chlorinated water. At least it was only a 5-second stop. But talk about a sense of accomplishment. And I only had to stop after 10 laps because there was an old guy waiting for a lane and I'd been in the pool for the 30-minute-limit-when-other-patrons-are-waiting.

I've experienced the post-race runner's high, and for the first time I think I got a taste of having a swimmer's high. If that's even a real thing. I don't know, maybe it was the chlorine, but it felt great!
Any ideas on how to get my goggles not to fill up with water by lap 4? In the pool it's not such a big deal, but in the fishy lake water with no pool bottom to stand on, I think I might be in trouble. Any advice??

Now, if only I could swim without looking like a moron.

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