Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Shower Cupcakes - Baby Kasey

Apparently when you have a baby, you get to have showers. Yes, plural. It's a fact that's definitely been proven in my life lately. I think maybe I should get a Babies-R-Us rewards card just for buying friends' shower gifts! Lots of coworkers and friends have been having babies lately, so I'm getting pretty good at shower etiquette.

A couple weeks ago, it was Kayla's turn for a shower. It was being held on a day I was to work at the hospital, and I was bummed I couldn't attend. But Jill (the hostess) asked if I would be on cake duty. Of course!

But two days before the shower, the pressure was on. How could I possibly make cupcakes that were good enough to deliver to a shower that I wasn't even going to? This was the second closest I've ever been to being "hired" for an event. And with minimal direction? Talk about pressure! What flavors should I make? How would I match the theme? How do I decorate said cupcakes?

So I kept it simple. The colors for the shower were watermelon and lime green, and it had an ABC theme. With limited time, space, and supplies (I was house-sitting, so I was in unfamiliar kitchen territory), I did the best I could. I think they turned out pretty well!

I made two kinds of cupcakes:  Black Forest and Strawberry Whipped Cream. I adapted both recipes slightly, but the black forest was a definite winner in my book.

After all the cupcakes were baked, filled, and frosted, I put on the toppers. I tinted some fondant, cut out circles, and put a "k" on each circle using edible marker -- to go with the ABC theme, the K for Baby Kasey.

Transporting these cupcakes in 90 degree heat was a disaster, but hopefully they made it to the shower with minimal harm. Definitely learned a valuable transportation lesson!

Congratulations Kayla and Brett,
I can't wait for Baby Kasey's arrival!
And great work throwing a fabulous shower, JilL!

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