Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby W: 22 Weeks

I was in Florida on Sunday for the weekly bump picture, so we had to make do! 
And who can resist the sunset on the beach?
To ease your curious minds...
Baby is as long as a spaghetti squash, and weighs almost a pound!

Total weight gain:  17 pounds
Maternity clothes: Still just a couple maternity things, mostly wearing bigger regular-clothes.
Stretch marks:  Nope
Sleep:  Still sleeping pretty well. I wake up every time I need to turn over, but fall asleep pretty easily.
Best moment this week:  Two things. Last week we met with the doctor to go over ultrasound results, and she said everything looks perfect. Thank goodness! It's amazing how many things they can check for! Also, I spent the long holiday weekend in Florida with two girl friends. We soaked up the sun for a few days- it was great!
Miss anything?: Nothing new; I'd still like to go for an occasional run or margarita
Movement: Baby is kickin up a storm in there! I feel kicks more frequently, and the doctor said there was a lot of movement when she was listening for heart beat. My vacation buddies were even able to feel a little kick from the outside! Mike can't feel it yet, but I have a feeling he will soon!
Food cravings:  Not really craving anything in particular
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Nope

Aches and pains:  My back, right hip, and legs still get achy.. nothing new there
Starting to show yet?:  Yup
Gender prediction:  Baby's heart rate this week was a little higher at 151, so doctor isn't quite so confident in her boy prediction anymore! I sure don't know!
Labor signs:  Nope

Belly button in or out?:  Still in
Wedding rings on or off?:  On
Happy or Moody most of the time?:  Happy
Most looking forward to:  Another trip to Omaha this weekend for a wedding. Excited to see two great friends tie the knot!

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