Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby W's First Photos

At last, here are the pictures of our little Nugget! 

Since ultrasound pictures are actually kind of difficult to understand sometimes, I didn't include all the pictures of arms, legs, organs, etc. But really, everyone only wants the cute ones anyway! 

This is the little Nugget from the side. As you can see, he/she is folded in half here. Baby was moving around a lot, and the feet were usually folded up under the bottom, but he/she like stretching out, too. It's close quarters; not much room in there!

Here are the little feet!

And a bonus:

Here's a video of the little one moving around!
[i'm hoping the video works on here... it's super cool!]

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  1. What an adorable ultrasound picture! I love the lil' feeties clear up by the head! Callista had a cute whole-body, but her legs were bent. :)