Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ella {20 Weeks}

We have a fun, giggly girl on our hands! After fighting naps for a couple weeks, I decided to let go of the idea of putting her on a "schedule", but rather let her nap when she wants to nap... and now she's much happier during the day. A lot of literature I've read recommends getting them on a schedule, but it just hasn't seemed to work for us. Maybe she's still too little; I don't know. But for now, she naps when she needs and we go about our business.

She really likes holding her bottles. She's not independent with it yet, but she's getting closer. I don't think it will be long until she is!

We finally had a couple warm days, so we took advantage and went for a walk. Ella was happy to get some fresh air!


There's a funny new face that Ella makes. She never does it very long, but it's just the funniest thing. Kind of like when she found her tongue.. I think she's found some new muscles!

And the big news... she rolled from her belly to her back twice this week! Progress!

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