Monday, July 14, 2014

Ella {39 Weeks}

I realize I'm really late in posting this, but we've been pretty busy!
We spent the week getting back on track after traveling to Minnesota, as I had mentioned. We're also in the final throws of buying a house, so this week we've been packing and working on lots of paperwork. Oh, and the house we're renting is basically falling apart, so we've been dealing with little things like a broken air conditioner and a fridge and freezer that's on its way out. 

Unfortunately, that means we haven't really done anything new. We've gone to the pool and the park, played with bubbles, and just relaxed. One day was so exhausting, Ella even took THREE naps!

With all the boxes around from packing up the house, Ella has found plenty of new hiding places!

Many toys have been put away, but she found Lammie -- Mike's favorite little lamb from when he was little.

The Fourth of July was also this week, and of course we had to celebrate. State College has a big event called 4th Fest, where they have tents, vendors, and entertainment for the whole family. It's on the Penn State campus, and Mike had to be at the Men's Hockey booth for a while, so we went to hang out. 

Ella in her 4th of July outfit

That night was a huge fireworks show, and it was seriously the best fireworks display I've ever seen! Because Ella doesn't like the loud noises that accompany things like hockey goals, we really weren't sure how she would do with the fireworks. Plus, it was past her bedtime. But we decided to try out her new noise-reducing ear muffs. We knew we might have to make a mad-dash to the exit if she hated it, but we gave it a shot. Lo and behold:  within two minutes she was asleep, and she slept through the rest of the fireworks! She didn't mind them at all. 

Snuggled up and rockin' the pink ear muffs. Just before falling asleep.

The fireworks display was set to music, which made it extra fun.

And the finale was crazy!

It was the perfect way to end the week!

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