Monday, July 14, 2014

Minnesota Trip: SJP Reunion

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we took a weekend trip to Minnesota for Mike's ten year class reunion. The weekend went really quickly, but we saw some great friends and had loads of fun. [i'm still waiting to steal some of mike's pictures yet again, but here are a few in the mean time.]

Doing a little running around in the airport before boarding the plane.

 Once we landed in the Twin Cities, we had lunch with some college friends. After lunch, we headed to St. Cloud where we met up with some of Mike's high school buddies that I have gotten to know over the past few years. Things have definitely changed in the last ten years:  three babies, and one more on the way!

Part of the reunion was a tour of the school. 
Ella hopped a ride on the Enke Family Train. Landon [the son of mike's high school buddy, steve] just loved walking beside her!

SJP's 2004 Male Athlete of the Year?  Mr. Michael Wierzbicki.
[must have been some tough competition.]
And notice 2003's was Mr. David Wierzbicki.

That evening was a casino night at the high school. Mike and I played some hardball at the Black Jack table, and we came out with our goal:  a travel coffee mug and some maple syrup. How much did it cost, you ask?  $25,000. Kind of steep, yes. But we got it for the bargain price of $17,700. 
[i tried to barter with the prize table lady, and she promptly turned me down. but then mike walked up, asked for the same, and she immediately said yes. perhaps he also earned sjp's 2004 teacher's pet award?? kidding. at least we were able to pay our babysitter in maple syrup!]

We had a blast of a weekend!
Special thanks to Rachael for watching Ella for the night!!
[we aren't even mad that she didn't eat her veggies.]

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