Monday, July 14, 2014

Ella {40 Weeks}

Now that we're back to real-time blogging....

After a whopping one weekend at home, we're on the road again.  Mike, Ella and I spent the weekend in Kansas City with his family, and now Ella and I are in Iowa with my family while Mike is back in Pennsylvania. Because of hockey and its busy fall/winter weekends, we apparently do all our travelling during the summer. Ella and I will be in the midwest for another two weeks, and then we'll meet Mike in Chicago for his cousin's wedding. [then moving into the new house. it never stops.]

The past week has been a busy one yet again, but the weekend was a blast!

Before we left PA, we had a baby shower for some of Mike's coworkers. There are three babies due next month, so of course we had to celebrate. I made some DIY decorations to make things a little more festive, and here's a little peek at the table decorations.

The girl is a jet-setter, even early in the morning, still in her pajamas!

Hangin' and Grandma Marie & Grandpa Dennis's house

and making some noise...

and playing with some fun toys!

My college bestie, Sasha, brought her kiddos over to the neighborhood pool for some fun splash time!

Ella with Baby Lauren and Jakob

Love them!

Ella LOVES fountains

and eating everything in sight... including stray pool toys. Surely the chlorine cleaned it off??

Then we played at the park for a bit

before heading back to Dennis & Marie's for ice cream cones!

We had SUCH a fun weekend! Now the Midwest Adventure continues in Iowa!

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