Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ella {48 Weeks}

This was a big week for Ella.... She started walking! She had been taking one or two steps for the past week or so, but on Tuesday this week [the day after we got back from our Midwest trip] she started taking five to eight steps on her own! She's still really wobbly and can't go very fast, but sometimes she can take about a dozen steps without falling. She still favors crawling and using her push-cart since it's so much faster, but she's walking better every day. 

It's hard to believe, but Ella turned 11 months this week! Less than a month til we have a birthday party for this little girl!


On Friday morning, Ella and I got to play with her new friend Baby Anna. Our friends Keith and Kristi were busy, so they asked us to come watch Anna for a bit. She's barely a month old, and she's still so itty bitty! Ella wasn't really sure what to think, but she sure loved playing with her toys!

Saturday we went to the Penn State football game with our friend Carrie. Mike [and carrie's fiance, chris] had to work at the game, so it was a girls' trip. We got to sit in the press box, which was great because it was supposed to rain. It didn't though--it was a perfect day for football! Ella was so well behaved, we got many compliments from other people in the press box. She played really well in her seat, didn't screech, and even ate some ice cream! She finally fell asleep in the fourth quarter once she knew we were going to win.

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