Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ella {49 Weeks}

Holy moley, how are we only three weeks away from having a birthday bash??? That's just crazy!

It's been a fun week around here, but pretty low-key. We took a few walks around the neighborhood, a few trips to the park, and one fun walk around campus and downtown with a friend and her tiny baby. It was fun to see some new sights with someone who knows the area!

We were finally able to go visit Mike at work and have lunch with him. His days are so busy right now and he's rarely available for lunch, so it was a special treat! Ella and Mike watched hockey practice after we ate.

Ella has been working cutting some teeth this week too, it seems. She has had two teeth on the bottom since about January, and she cut a third a few weeks ago. Now there are two more that look like they're just about to cut through, but nothing yet officially. She hasn't slept well for the past few days, and we think it's probably because her teeth are hurting. Maybe she'll have a couple more before her birthday!

She's getting much better at walking, and she can now make it all the way across the living room without falling! She still prefers crawling or walking with her push-cart because they're faster and more reliable, but she's making progress!

Have a great week -- Happy Fall!

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