Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ella {47 Weeks}

We just returned last night from another wonderful trip to the Midwest. It was a quick trip; we visited three states in four days, but we were able to pack in some fun with a lot of friends and family.

Ella did great on the flights again. They were her 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th flights! 
She's sporting her new set of  wings the flight attendant gave her.

While we were in Kansas City, we got to spend a little time with my good friend from college, Sasha. She has two kiddos, Jakob and Lauren. 

Ella just loved playing with Jakob! He was great at sharing his toys.

And of course Charlie wanted to play too!

While we were in Omaha, Penn State was playing in Ireland so it was being televised at 8am. Mike watched the game in the hotel lobby, and Ella joined him in her jammies!

Our friend from college, JoePapa, got married to Calli, which is what took us to Omaha. Such a beautiful wedding!

Tearing up the dance floor with Kate!

[i'll add a video of mike and ella tearing up the dance floor shortly!]

While we were in Omaha, we got to meet up with my good friend from work, Kayla, and her family. Ella was a little crabby at dinner that night, so the Navin girls entertained her for a while.

We went to Corning for a quick 24 hours for the annual Bickford Family Fish Fry! Such a fun tradition. We look forward to it every summer. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, but I did get one of my dad, Ella and I!

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