Friday, October 23, 2015

Pregnancy: Round 2

I feel like I have all sorts of things to update you on... life events, opinions, random thoughts. You just might be getting a little bit of everything in the coming weeks. 

But first up:  a little recap of this pregnancy so far.

Here's the most recent picture I have. High-quality, I know.

When I was pregnant with Ella, I posted weekly how things were going. I obviously haven't done that this time around, but I also feel like there isn't a whole lot changing each week. So that would probably bore you. And me. 

Overall, the pregnancy has been going really well. I can definitely tell some differences from the first time around, but let's be real-- growing a baby is growing a baby. So it's just about the same.  Same sort of weight gain. Same right hip pain (which by the way, I now have a friend who specializes in prenatal chiropractor-ing, so I'll be seeing her soon). Same nausea and acne at the beginning. The main difference that I notice is round ligament pain. I get it much more frequently than I did the first time around.. perhaps because boys carry lower? Maybe that's a myth, I don't know. Perhaps I'm having more pain this time because I'm more active and things are getting stretched more. Who knows.

I'm still kind of craving ice cream, but not quite as much as Round 1. More just my normal-life ice cream wants. I've been saying that I'm not really craving anything, but I have noticed that I'm drawn to cereal more than anything else, and more than usual. A bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats can really make my day!

One thing I'm trying to make different this time around is the weight gain. The day I went into the hospital to deliver Ella, I had gained 51 pounds. That's a little ridiculous, and I didn't want to repeat that. I started this pregnancy in pretty good shape physically, and 10 pounds less than when I got pregnant the first time. Because of that, I didn't think I would stay under the generally recommended 25 to 35 pound mark. But certainly not 51 pounds! As of right now, I'm 29 weeks and I've gained 28 pounds. If I can keep it under control for the next several weeks, I'll be happy. I'm shooting to keep it under 40 pounds-- 35 would be great! But I'll really have to keep my food and exercise in check. Time will tell!

Oh, and in case I didn't mention.. we're having a boy this time around. And no, we don't have any names picked out yet. Literally, none. If you have any suggestions, send them our way!

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