Monday, November 28, 2011

The Dress

That's right... I said "YES!" to the dress!

With the help of my amazing mom and three fabulous friends, I picked out my wedding dress! I had looked at many, many options online and in bridal magazines, and I picked a few of my favorite styles. From those photos, I had my *dream* gown in my head but I wasn't sure I'd ever find it, so I kept an open mind.

Last Wednesday morning, the four of us met for coffee and a little catching up, then we ventured over to the first store to look at dresses. We had intentionally picked a Wednesday for shopping, so the store was all ours. The bridal consultan picked out several of my favorite dresses, and we began the trying-on adventure.

Some of the dresses earned a quick yay or nay, but three dresses really stood out. I tried all three on again, and two were my absolute favorites. One of them was a dress I had my eye on from the beginning, and the second was one I almost didn't even try on. But after trying on veils and considering bustling options, I made my decision.

And I confidently said "YES!" to the dress! 

...but you'll have to wait 10 months to see it ...

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