Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Unlikely "I Do"

Marriage. It's a beautiful thing.

Many girls imagine their dream wedding for years. They picture it in a church, at a scenic outdoor venue, or even on a beach. But in a hospital? Not so much.

When I got to work I learned that we would be having a birthday party, a wedding, and a renewal of vows -- all on our unit at the hospital.

Who said the Oncology floor is depressing?

We had an older gentleman who was likely celebrating his last birthday.

We had a couple who had been dating for years, who decided to tie the knot while they could still both declare their love for one another.

And we had a couple who had been married for 30 years who decided to renew their vows and declare their love for each other, once again.

They were all beautiful celebrations of life and love. Our staff came together with these families to witness these declarations. We got them gifts and flowers, ordered them special dinners, and gave them a separate place to celebrate. We shared tears, hugs, and smiles. For a short time, we weren't their nurses. We were their friends.

When faced with the reality that death is an imminent thing,
you look for any reason to celebrate.
As Oncology nurses, we find those reasons.
We celebrate life.

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