Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laramie: Week 10

Where the HEY have I been??

Actually I've had a technical difficulty:  No Internet.

And let me tell you, that's a real beast these days. So bear with me while I catch up up to speed.

Work has been pretty much the same. Savin' lives:  pumpin' people full of toxic chemo and then trying to get them to feel better. It's actually been tough to see some of these people be so sick lately -- lots of dehydration  (for reasons that maybe you can imagine, but that I won't talk about) and feeling realllllyyyy lousy. It makes me appreciate my health, I'll tell you that much. They've also realized that they're going to be extremely short-staffed in the infusion room once I leave, which is making me feel a little bad about leaving. I'd love to stay a few more weeks, but I really do have to get back to Bergan.

But aside from work and sickness and all that... the weekend. The fun!
I headed to Denver for the weekend. I spent some time with some long-lost college friends, did a little shopping, got a much-needed pedicure, ran into some unexpected old friends, watched the KU basketball game at a very packed KU bar, and had some very fun girl time. It was a great last weekend in Denver!

Kim, Anne, and I in downtown Denver on Friday

Kim & I with some of her work friends watching the KU game

What a fun weekend it was. Gotta love old friends & girl time!

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