Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birthday Non-Bash

When I was younger, I never thought it would be true. I didn't believe there would be a time in my life when my birthday wasn't a super-exciting day that I looked forward to all year long. But the time has come. Everyone was right. 

Now don't get me wrong -- I still really love celebrating birthdays. Especially my birthday. But now that I've had a wedding in the last four weeks, a move in the last three weeks, and started a new job in the last week.. a birthday just isn't such a big look-forward-to-it kind of day. 

I suppose I should also say that Mike isn't a big birthday celebrator. But I'll change that... :)

Despite the anti-climactic nature of this year's celebration of my birth, it was still enjoyable. Mike surprised me with a watch that I had been wanting for months. I snuggled up in the warm blanket my mom had let me pick out before the move. I opened cards from my dad and my grandparents. And after work, Mike took me to the local Mexican restaurant... where you get free birthday dinner! He even splurged and bought me a margarita!

The low-key celebration was quite enjoyable. I turned another year older. [and another year wiser, I suppose?] And my knees didn't even creek the next morning. Twenty-seven sounds so much older than twenty-six, but I guess there isn't so much difference after all.

Me with my birthday dessert

 [Free] Fried iced cream Mike and I both thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday! Your dessert looks so heavenly, I could bite right in! I've been pregnant my last two birthdays, so I'm anxious for an adult beverage for my big 28 next year! Oh my that sounds so old! I am also pregnant through all of our fun holidays this year-- Our 3rd anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE etc. Haha, I'm ready to celebrate next year! :)