Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wedding Cake Baker

Amid the many summer weddings that come from being a twenty-something, a friend of mine asked me to make small wedding cake for his nuptial celebration. It started as more of a joke, but it came to fruition early this fall. 

Per the groom's request, the cake was two-tiered red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Per the bride's request, it was round and covered with fondant and yellow flowers.

I had never made a cake of this caliber before, just cakes and cupcakes for birthdays and showers. But with the helping hands of a couple friends, the cake came together. It certainly isn't perfect, but it was delicious and great for my fondant debut. I got many compliments, and even some disbelief that it was my handiwork.  

Setting up the cake at the reception hall

The finished masterpiece!

Here's a video of the bride and groom cutting the cake with a sword--
 a long-standing tradition of the groom's family

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