Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lucky Us: A Daily Reminder

One of my childhood girlfriends and I are lucky enough to get to celebrate our birthdays together year after year. We were born only three days apart, and we have been best friends since the third grade. So for nearly nineteen years, we have enjoyed a week-long birthday celebration. 

Last week, Rachael came to visit me at my new home in the tundra. She was going to be near the area, so she made the extra trek and we enjoyed a wonderful evening together. We had dinner and drinks, reminisced, and surely kept Mike entertained for the evening. We also exchanged birthday gifts. It was actually quite comical. Rachael got me a scarf with sparkly polka-dots on it. I just love scarves in the fall, and I really love sparkles this year. And then Rach opened her gift-- a scarf! It had neon polka dots, which she really loves this year. Too funny!  

And Rachael also gave me this. It's a wonderfully sentimental, yet useful gift. She made it herself, which makes it even more special. It's a keychain with a penny from the year I was born, one from the year Mike was born, and one from the year we were married. Thank you, Rachael, for the daily reminder of how lucky I am!

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