Friday, January 4, 2013

First Holidays

Shortly after I got married, a priest-friend of mine told me that the first year of marriage is generally the hardest. He said that through his experience with newlyweds, he has seen that the holidays are the most trying. These are times that we have always spent with our respective families, and marriage changes our traditions quite quickly. And that affects not only the newlyweds, but their families as well. There's a lot of give and take that has to happen in order to make it through these times.

And I have to proudly say, Mike and I made it though unscathed. We made our plans early; we communicated and compromised. We decided we would spend Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with Mike's family. No one lives in the same state, so it wasn't really possible to spend both holidays with both families. But our plans worked out well. And I must add, we're very fortunate that our families were understanding and accepting of our plans. 

So if this typically trying time was this easy, maybe this whole marriage thing will be a breeze! Ok, maybe not. But so far, so [very] good!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, wherever you maybe have been. And with whomever you may have been. 

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