Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wedding Recap: Reception Tables

You may notice a trend in my timing. Late Sunday night -slash- early Monday morning is my new prime posting time. I guess working the night shift does have its perks! In order to make it through Monday night at work, I have to stay up late on Sunday, until at least 4:30am. That way I can sleep a good portion of Monday, and survive Monday night. Surprisingly, they frown upon falling asleep during a shift at the hospital. 
Speaking of early Monday mornings... I would really like to talk to the cable company about their programming. There really isn't much on by the time 2am rolls around. In order to avoid infomercials, I've been enjoying some Law & Order marathons. However, these have led to some pretty intensely terrifying dreams. As of tonight, Mike has officially banned Law & Order and Lockup. I protested, but I really don't enjoy the terrifying dreams, so I guess I'll abide.

Anyway, I digress. Why are we really here? Not for me to vent about my late-night activities. Silly me. I want to continue sharing my wedding tidbits with you. I certainly can't recap everything in one post, so I won't even try. I'll spread the love. Today, you get our reception tables.  [What??]  I promise, they were fabulous.

Before I even started thinking about thinking about centerpieces for the reception, my long-time girlfriend's mother offered up her collection of centerpieces. Over time, she has accumulated an amazing compilation of glass vases and candle holders. This glass collection was a huge time, money, and stress saver. It was tremendous. She had an organized catalogue of the inventory, and everything was packed in handy plastic totes. Talk about superb!

Because we were bringing all the centerpiece items to the reception site, we had to set everything up ourselves. The morning before the wedding, a dozen or so friends came to help with the set-up. I had most everything organized as best I could, so when we showed up, I gave instructions and everyone went to work. Even the groomsmen got in on the job! It was such a blessing to have all these people come help with the setup. I can't imagine what I would have done without them! [if you're reading this... THANK YOU!!!]

You're probably wondering what on earth is on our table numbers. It's compromise at its finest, my friends! I didn't want to have just a number for our table numbers; I wanted it to be a little more personal. I decided to put a picture of both Mike and I at the age displayed on the table. So for table One, a picture of each of us at age one. Table Two, age two. You get it. But Mike saw it, and he of course had a different idea. He wanted each table to be represented by a famous athlete who wore that number on their jersey. Table One, someone who wore #1; Table Two, someone who wore #2. If you know Mike, that's absolutely no surprise. So we did the only thing that would make the both of us happy-- make the table numbers double-sided; Mike's idea on one side and mine on the other. See, compromise!

I hope you've enjoyed a little peek at this piece of our wedding. If you were able to celebrate with us, I thank you for being a part of our day. And if you help set up or take down-- double thank you!


  1. The party must’ve been a blast! Your wedding reception was lovely, Ames. Everything was put together sophisticatedly, and I really like the idea of arranging the table’s number by putting in your photos at a certain age that matched the table’s number. That one was certainly unique and simply brilliant! Cheers to your wonderful wedding!

    Matt Fisher @ Nomad Events

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