Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wedding Recap: Cake

The cake is clutch. For birthdays and weddings alike.

Once I got to investigating cake options, I was torn. I wanted the perfect three-tier, white-frosted wedding cake. But to be honest, I have a little bone to pick about wedding cakes. At a recent wedding, the piece of cake I was served had zero frosting. And it's no secret, I love frosting. It was like a piece of vanilla-infused sponge. A delicious sponge, yes. But it needed frosting. Clearly I got a middle piece of the big round wedding tier. And surely I wasn't the only who received such a piece.

So when it came to my wedding, I didn't want anyone to be bummed with their wedding sponge. We needed another option. After having conversation with a few people, I decided we would have a dessert bar. That's right-- not just wedding cake, but other goodies too. We had bite sized pieces of deliciousness so that no one felt tied down to one thing. If you wanted a mini cupcake, a bite of cheesecake, and a brownie to go with your wine... you could! 

To be honest, I didn't have a chance to try everything, but it sure looked delicious. And by the looks of how much [wasn't] left, I'd say it was a hit.

the dessert bar in all its glory

red velvet mini cupcakes

new york cheesecake bites
[we also had raspberry and turtle cheesecake bites]

brownie bites

heart-shaped almond pressed cookies

our wedding cake
[pink champagne cake with buttercream frosting]

groom's cake that mike's mom and aunt made
[made entirely of oreos!]

 I hope that if you were one of the lucky wedding-goers, 
you thoroughly enjoyed your wedding cake. 
Or brownie. 
Or whatever you chose. 

I hope you weren't disappointed that we didn't serve vanilla sponge.

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