Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby W: 15 Weeks

Total weight gain: 5 pounds
Maternity clothes: Not yet; still in regular clothes. My jeans are starting to get pretty uncomfortable when I button them and wear them all day, so I started wearing a Belly Band a few days ago, and I love it!
Stretch marks: Not yet; I'm applying lotion at least once a day because I really don't want them! I'm using Palmer's Cocoa Butter... any better suggestions?
Sleep: I'm sleeping better than I was last week. When I go to bed, I fall asleep almost immediately, but I wake up at least once to go to the bathroom. No more 10+ hour sleep sessions, after about 7 hours I'm up and at 'em.
Best moment this week: We announced to everyone that we are expecting, and we were overwhelmed with the amount of support and love we received! It's fun to know that even so far away, people still sincerely care.
Miss anything?:  I never really cared about them much before, but since I've been told I can't have lunch meat, I've been really wanting a Jimmy John's sandwich. Less of a craving and more of a you-want-what-you-can't-have sort of thing. Also, Mike and I had a couple friends over for Taco Night and I could have really gone for a margarita or daiquiri!
Movement: I secretly think I felt a little something about a week ago when I was lying in bed. It definitely wasn't gas or hunger pangs, but just two quick little flutters in there. I don't know for sure if it was Baby kicking or not, so I'm not calling it the official "first kick". Haven't felt anything since then.
Food cravings: No real cravings, although I'll eat just about anything you suggest!
Anything make you queasy or sick?: I still haven't been able to cook chicken of any kind, and the smell of coffee still doesn't do it for me like it used to. But both are much less repulsive than they were in the first two months. 

Aches and pains: My legs get SO achy toward the end of the week at the hospital. My support stockings (real attractive) really do help, so I suppose I should invest in a couple more pairs. I'm having at least one headache a week, which is unusual for me. I try not to take any medications for it, but I've had to resort to Tylenol a couple times.
Starting to show yet?: As you can see, that's a yes! I'm at the awkward stage of baby bump vs cheeseburger bump, but it's definitely something there. 
Gender prediction: Not really sure yet... Heart rate was 152 which is a little slower so maybe a girl? But Baby was swimming around like a champ when we were listening to the heartbeat, so maybe a naughty boy? Who knows!
Labor signs: Absolutely not. Let's not even go there yet.

Belly button in or out?: Still in. My bellybutton has always been a pretty deep cave, so I have a feeling it will be a while before it pops.
Wedding rings on or off?: On, and only uncomfortable after going for a walk.
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy (I think... Mike might have a different opinion!).
Most looking forward to: Seeing Baby on the 20 week ultrasound!


  1. So fun! I absolutely loved being pregnant .. it's a really exciting, amazing time. Enjoy every minute of it! Can't wait to read all the updates. :)

  2. I was feeling a lot of the same exact things too! How fun. I gained weight so slowly in the beginning with Camilla too. I was up 8 pounds by 20 weeks, but I totally made up for it the back half! :) I never got stretch marks, which is a miracle considering I gained nearly half my body weight the second time. They're pretty hereditary. And my belly button never popped, that was disappointing, I love some popped buttons!

    Putting on ted hose at the end of your pregnancy is next to impossible, but boy do they help.

    The wive's tale for HR and sex prediction is >140 GIRL, <140 BOY :) My girls were always 140s-160s. (Normal is 110-160 ish) I'm excited to hear what you're having, if you decide to find out. :)

  3. Love this Ames. So fun to read about your experience!!!