Monday, November 4, 2013

Ella {4 Weeks}

Can she really be four weeks old already?

Turns out, she is. We're still working on sleeping at night, but it's better than a couple weeks ago. This week Ella has found and taken more interest in two things:  her voice and her fingers. She coos [what does that mean anyway?] a lot more, and I swear she says "Hi" sometimes, maybe because we say that to her so frequently. Can she really be mimicking that sort of thing already? Maybe that's just a natural sound. She has begun to suck on her fingers more, too. It seems like she finds them on accident, but she seems to like it when she does. She hasn't ever been a fan of her pacifier, so maybe she will be a finger sucker? I kind of hope not... that seems like a hard habit to break.

We really enjoy watching Ella when she dreams, too. She makes such animated faces, and the giggles are our favorite. We think we've even seen a couple intentional smiles while awake! Maybe she's ready to start interacting more? Can't wait for more smiles and giggles!

We really enjoyed having Auntie Rachael visit last week. Ella really enjoyed the extra snuggles! We went to the pumpkin patch, the Amish market, and a hockey game; we handed out Halloween candy and celebrated our birthdays. What a fun week!

Ella and I went to the Mussleman's Family Tribute professional ice skating show at Penn State's Pegula Ice Arena over the weekend as well. Mike worked at the arena during the show, so Ella and I went with a couple new friends. Ella slept the entire time, so it won't be her last trip to the ice arena! [oh, and be sure to catch the skating show on NBC on Nov. 24th!]

Oh, and one last thing. Ella's bellybutton officially has no scabs, so she has graduated to a real bath. She loves it! Her expression is hilarious when she first gets in the water, and until she gets chilly she just loves it. 

That's about all we're up to. Sending love from Ella!

as you can see, she likes to move those arms & legs!

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