Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ella {6 Weeks}

Since I was late in getting the 5 Weeks post out, I don't have a whole lot that's new [so i'll give you some extra pictures to make up for it]. Ella is still a night owl... in fact last night she wouldn't really fall asleep until almost 3am. She would fall asleep, but every time we put her down she would start crying. I'm afraid we might have a spoiled little girl on our hands. Hopefully that doesn't continue... Mike and I aren't so good at staying up til 3am these days.

Ella is getting pretty good at holding her head up; her neck is getting stronger!

We had a couple real smiles each of the last couple days - it's so fun!

She has enjoyed laying on her play mat a little more than she had been; she even found herself in the mirror and smiled today - something she hadn't done before!


  1. She's so sweet!! We have that same play mat and it seriously provided entertainment for MONTHS in different ways. I'm pretty sad because the mat got burnt (long story..) but the other part is fine, so it will be used again. Love watching your little one grow and change!!

  2. It's seriously the perfect mat. It will be a staple baby gift from us in the future. Bummer that your mat was burned (glad everyone was ok), but at least that's the least important part. Best play mat ever!