Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ella {5 Weeks}

[she really doesn't like laying flat on her back. one day.]

I promise I'll [try to] get these posts done on time. I'm just oh-so-busy these days.  Actually, this little lady takes up a lot of time. She eats just about every two hours during the day, and that takes about 15 or 20 minutes each time. When she's awake but not eating, she wants to be entertained. Or carried around the house. We do a lot of dancing and pacing. This girl is not sedentary! When it's nap time, I try to get as many things done as possible. It's amazing how many chores around the house I can't do with a child in one arm. I definitely wouldn't make a good amputee.

So five weeks, huh? I don't want to jinx it, but it seems like we're getting into a little bit of a sleep routine. Ella is a night owl and likes to go to bed about midnight. We're gonna try to move that up to about 10, but she's not digging that right now. On a good night, she sleeps for about four hours, wakes up to eat and poop, then back to sleep for another 3-ish hours. We've had one night with a 5-hour sleep stretch, and last night we had a SIX-HOUR sleep stretch! I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up! And because she is up until midnight, she likes to nap in the morning. Which means mama gets a cup of coffee and a few things accomplished. 

I really can't believe how big Ella is getting. I may have said this already, but she's wearing her 3-months clothes and they aren't any too big. She's almost too long for some of her 0-3 month clothes, and her feet are too big for most of the feet in her footie-outfits. It's a good thing they aren't too structured and they have a lot of give, but the girl's definitely got big feet! I'm looking forward to her two month appointment to find out officially how long she is and how much she weights. I have a feeling she's topping the charts!

The past weekend was when we were supposed to go to San Diego for the wedding of two college friends. The pediatrician vetoed the trip for Ella's sake, just like the Albuquerque wedding. Apparently if they're under two months [some doctors say three] and they have a fever for any reason, they have to be hospitalized to have a full sepsis workup including a spinal tap. Their bodies are so small and their systems aren't developed enough, that they can get sick extremely quickly and a fever that young is a medical emergency. Who knew? [probably any parent, huh?] Anyway, Mike went to San Diego because he was in the wedding, so we missed him all weekend.

Ella is still loving bath time, and her hair is still ridiculously fuzzy. It's so funny! She's almost done molting all of her skin [newborns slough all their skin], and her scalp is all that's left. I was trying to decide if she had cradle cap or not, but it really just looks like dry skin. I'm hoping resolves in the next week. 

We're starting the transition to get Ella into her own room. She's been sleeping in the bassinet of the Pack-n-Play in our room, just so that she's within arm's reach since she was waking up so frequently. And perhaps because I was that paranoid new mama who needed to make sure she was breathing every ten minutes :)  She is taking most naps in her crib, and she hasn't seemed to protest yet.

I think that's all the breaking news for this week. So until Saturday... Sending our love from PA

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