Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ella {26 Weeks}

After last weekend's baptism and houseful of visitors, it's been pretty quiet around here. Well, if you don't count Ella's complaining that she's not being held, it's quiet. The first couple days without people around to spoil her all the time were a little rough.. she didn't want to play, sleep, anything unless she was being held and had constant attention. She's doing a little better now. She even slept through the night once this week! She's been waking up about 3 times each night, but I think part of that is teething. She still doesn't have any teeth cutting through, but she's sure acting like they're coming any day. Poor girl.

Our pediatrician recommended waiting until Ella was six months before starting solid foods, so we just started them this week! So far she has had rice cereal, carrots, and one taste of sweet potatoes. She doesn't really do well eating any of it yet, but she's starting to catch on. But she sure knows how to make a mess!

This was her first-ever bite -- of carrots!

Now that hockey season is over and things are slowing down, we can enjoy evenings with Mike! We took a perfectly chilly walk around the neighborhood. Bring on Spring!

Today was such a nice day, so Ella and I headed to the park while Mike worked on our taxes. [i think he drew the short straw on that one.] She hadn't taken a nap all day, so she slept for a while as we walked around. 

And once she woke up, she went in the swing for the first time. At first she wasn't sure, but she loved it!

Our baby girl is definitely growing up! 
Her six-month appointment is this week!

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