Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ella {29 Weeks}

Late last night we got home from a week at "home". We went to Nebraska & Iowa for a wedding, and we got to see a lot of family and friends while we were there. We had a fantastic trip! I'll post pictures of our adventure very soon. [today we're busy with unpacking, laundry and cleaning around here] Update:  Here it is!

Ella was such a good traveler, and she has also been hard at work on a few other things. She now has two teeth! Her two bottom middle teeth popped through her gums the day before we left. She didn't even make a big fuss about it! She has also been working on crawling. She still hasn't figured it out, but she's getting awfully close! She rolls over everywhere, and she gets onto her hands and knees like she's going to crawl. She also likes to hold onto things and stand. She even pulled herself up to stand in the laundry basket one day! 

She's getting so big! She's always been fun, but now she's even more fun. She's interacting with us so much more. Stay tuned for future updates... we'll probably have a crawler on our hands soon!

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