Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ella {27 Weeks}

I'm not sure where she got it [since mike & i are both so quiet and shy], but Ella has found her voice. And her volume. Oh, the volume. This week she has been blabbering non-stop, and she's soooo loud about it. It even landed us in the Children's Chapel part of the church on Sunday because she was so loud. Apparently she has some stories to tell!

She first walked with [a lot of] help few weeks ago, but now she's loves it! She gets so excited every time we 'walk' her across the room. She still isn't crawling, but she's having a lot more fun playing on the floor. She has definitely mastered rolling over, especially to get toys. It won't be much longer and she'll be all over the place! [i think it's time for a target run for some baby-proofing items!]

This weekend Ella decided that her crib is fun to hang out in, but her favorite part is trying to escape. She can't stand up in it yet, but after each nap she tries again to figure out an escape plan. We always find her in one corner on her tummy trying to pull herself up on the rails. I'm not sure what she sees in that corner, but she's like a dog who has found a hole in the fence, and she's all giggles when she's caught!

We've had some more gorgeous weather, so we have taken more trips and walks. We even went to the Blue/White Game, which is Penn State's spring football scrimmage. It was a beautiful day, and Ella even enjoyed it!

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