Friday, September 2, 2011

Destination: Wedding

Not mine! But a wedding. At a particular destination.

In a few short weeks, we'll be attending the second-to-last wedding of the year. My task yesterday (while Mike was being responsible and working) was to book flights and a hotel for the wedding weekend. Where are we headed? NEW YORK!

One of Mike's good friends (we shall call him G--for Groom) from high school is getting married in West Point, NY to his very lovely lady, B (for Bride--get it?). I met these two when Mike and I traveled to New York two years ago (I think?) for G's graduation from the Military Academy in West Point. Since then, G has served a tour overseas, B has begun med school and planned a wedding, and they have together sustained an overseas relationship. I just can't imagine. What a wonderful couple.

Anyway, Mike put me on the task of making said reservations. After hours of searching I finally decided on acceptable (direct!) flights and a nice-but-affordable hotel. I don't think my credit card liked the whole process... but it's free til next month, right?!

So I sit. And wait. For October to come. I'm enjoying life in the meantime, but I'm super excited for this NY vaycay. Flying halfway across the country with the handsome Mikey, seeing New York sights, and attending a beautiful wedding. Sounds fun to me! Maybe we'll just miss our return flight....

Or maybe I just didn't book them!

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