Monday, September 12, 2011


I realize I'm (way) late in sharing this, but just go with it. Pretend like I just got back

As you probably know (because you've been reading my posts), I was in Florida a couple several weeks ago visiting one of my girl friends from college. She's in graduate school in Ft. Myers, and I hadn't seen her for a while. So I took a long weekend off work and headed south.

We had a fabulous time reconnecting, getting outside, and drinking wine. We perused the local shopping centers, ate at delicious restaurants, soaked up the sun, and went on a mini-vacation to Siesta Key. I couldn't have asked for a better time!

Here are some of the snapshots we captured, and some of the memories we made.

The first night, we went to the Ritz Carlton's beachfront for a glass of wine and to watch the sunset. I could definitely get used to that.


This is Katlyn at a Scottish restaurant we went to one night. Check out the lime-green honeydew sangria. The waitress told us it wasn't artificially coloring, but pretty sure honeydew isn't that neon-looking.


One evening while on the 'mini-vacation' to Siesta Key, we went out for dinner, watched the sunset, had ice cream, then ventured over to the Daiquiri Deck. Calories don't count while on vacation, right?


The next day we went to Sarasota and met Mike's aunt, uncle, and cousins for dinner.

Then we went horseback riding... on the beach! We rode along the beach for a while, then we went into the gulf with the horses. We went horse surfing, horse skiing, and rode the horses while they swam. It defintiely was something we've never done before!

The trip was great fun, and it was wonderful to see Katlyn and Jason again.
And needless to say, Florida was beautiful and I wouldn't mind going back again soon!

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