Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In anticipation of this week's Omaha Nighthawks home opener, I have a recap of last week's scrimmage.

The scrimmage was open to the public and admission was free. It was a great night for the players and staff to get a feel of the field, and it was a great preview for the community of what is to come. We saw big touchdowns, big names, and autograph sessions -- all in the brand new downtown TD Ameritrade stadium.

A few friends and I enjoyed this year's first night of football, complete with dogs, candy and a few beers. It was a jeans-and-long sleeves kind of night--just what football weather should be.

I'm excited for this week's home opener, and I can only imagine it will be as much fun as last year - or more!

A view of the field.

The girls: Me, Tina, Kate, and Kelli.

The Joe's: Joe Joe and Joe Papa.
Clearly pumped about the football debut.

The suite Mike hooked us up with to watch the game.
We thought we could pool our money together and afford it for the season,
but apparently it's worth more than we all make in a  year.
Guess we'll start saving our pennies for 10 years down the road!

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