Thursday, September 22, 2011

Knitted Scarf

In my all-important planner, last week was reserved for a cross-country vacation. But due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unfortunately unable to do it. So instead, I had a week of stay-cation. Oh yes, vacation--in Omaha. So what's a girl to do? Among other things (sleeping in, cooking, running, spending time with friends), I learned to knit. Via You Tube (thanks to the suggestion of Connie!). I truly don't know how people learned to knit before You Tube. Well, I guess their grandma probably taught them. But she wasn't very accessible last week in Omaha. So second best was You Tube.

After learning the basics, I picked out a pattern. I chose a pattern that only had one stitch looked somewhat easy, and went with it. There are a few mistakes, but unless you know where they are you really can't tell. In a matter of days, Voila! I now have a gray wool cowl-neck infinity scarf made by yours truly. It's still a little warm to be wearing it, but I think it will get plenty of use this winter.

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